A lot of businesses have closed their doors to help slow down the spread of Covid-19. But it does not have to mean the halting of your business revenues. If our audience can purchase your good and/or service online, and have it delivered, then your business will have the opportunity to continue seeing a revenue flow. Let our audience know that you are still here to provide what they need. We can help develop a message for your business that lets the consumer know that you support the efforts to slow down the spread and that you are adjusting the manner in which you serve them to accommodate this. Your message will reach over 50,000 listeners both on-air and online. We are the favorite in the East Valley areas with adults 49+ who have the deposal income to purchase from you online. And studies have shown that AM/FM radio is the choice for those who are now working from home. So let us put together a plan for you. It’s much more affordable than you might think. Call 480-319-6565 or email [email protected] There is absolutely no obligation to get prices and information. Be well, my friends!