Report Interference


Once completed, scan and email to  or If you are mailing it, the address is 4501 Broadway, Miami Az 85539…attention Lucy Rodriguez. This is very important as it will help us eliminate this interference so you can enjoy your music in more places across the Valley. Thank you in advance for being a loyal Good Time Oldies 96.5FM.This will help us get this other station off our frequency.

Print out or copy and paste the form below to a word document, and print.

I am a regular listener of the station KIKO (FM) at 96.5 MHz from the following area/area(s):*/______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ __________________

I received a listenable KIKO signal on my radio from the above location(s) and : I have been a listener since KIKO was on 97.3 which I could hear fine from the above location.. However, my reception of the KIKO signal (now on 96.5 MHz) is now being interfered with by another station signal bleeding over 96.5 MHz. I wish to continue to regularly listen to KIKO at the above location without being subject to interference caused by the interfering signal (96.5, translator : K243BN FAC-ID-92373).
Other than being a regular listener of KIKO, I am not connected with or employed by the licensee of KIKO. I understand that this statement may be filed with the Federal Communication Commission to protect the KIKO signal and state under penalty of perjury that this statement is true and accurate.

Signed:_____________________________________________ Printed Name:________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________ Daytime Phone number:_________________________________ Date:________________________________________________

Year of vehicle__

Model of vehicle_____

Manufacture of vehicle____

The location description is the physical address of regular listening at home. Work, etc. If regular listening location is in a vehicle, then the location description identifies the points between which the regular listening takes place-such as the two exits or mile markers between which the regular listening takes place., or the cross streets for the road location where the listening regularly takes place. Thanks for your help!