Community Services

Let the Valley know what your business is doing to help the community through these rough times.

“We’re all in this together” is the phrase that everyone hears now. And it is so true. We have to look out for our neighbors and them for us as we go through this Covid-19 crisis. And many business owners are accommodating this “Safer at Home” status that we are in by doing special things, like special exclusive store hours for seniors, home delivery, donating a portion of their sales receipts to help those in need, providing items for “Grab N Go” breakfasts and lunches for kids out of school, and more. If your business is doing something to help, let the Valley know by putting your message in a 30-second announcement on 96.5FM and sending it out to over 50,000 listeners. You can purchase these right now for the discounted price of only $25 per spot ( minimum 4 spots per business), which will include helping you to put your message in announcement form and voicing it ( recording the actual message). If interested please call 480-319-6565 or email